2 thoughts on “Providers

  1. I just spoke to some doctor from same organization for MRI for a patient with a suspected pancreatic issue and negative CT scan. He deiced that MRI was not necessary because the CT was negative and referred me to EVICORE.com for the refuting study and I cannot find any such. In short, they have no statistical data pull the citations of their behinds and send us to envicore.com for a citation that they themselves have never read and probably has never existed.

  2. Spoke to Dr Kronenberg regarding a surveillance MRI scan for a patient with testis cancer, which was denied. I asked to see the resources used to make a determination that the radiation exposure of repeated CT scans is not as issue and not mitigated by the use of MRI scans. He referred me to the website where I was supposed to be able to review the supporting data for this opinion. I am not able to see any citations. Please guide me to the articles which support the position that radiation exposure by CT is not an issue to consider when ordering imaging for a patient with curable malignancy (testis cancer) who will have multiple imaging studies over a 5 year period.

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