Hang up the phone: eviCore’s web process just got a whole lot easier

If you spend much time on our website you may have noticed a few recent upgrades to our online authorization request process. And these aren’t just minor upgrades either; they include some really cool features like Pause-and-Save and Document uploading. Multiple teams at eviCore healthcare have put in tons of hours to make these new features a reality and roll them out. Today we want to give you a little glimpse into their efforts. Read on to find out how Jennifer Mason and her team are handling this rollout. 

At eviCore, one of our top priorities is to make the prior authorization process as convenient and efficient as possible for providers. With that in mind, we conducted a time comparison study of web and phone initiated cases. Using random cases, we found that the average phone case takes roughly 12.5 minutes to complete vs. the average web case taking less than 1.5 minutes. An office could reclaim approximately 11 minutes of time per case by using the web!

The challenge was making the referring provider offices aware of the advantages and efficiencies of using the online process. For nearly 2 years, the eviCore healthcare Provider Relations Department has been working hard to generate ideas on how to make website utilization the primary direction that referring providers take to obtain their prior authorizations. We were asked to think outside of the box, put ourselves in the place of the provider staff, and get to know our providers. It didn’t take long for us to realize that the magnitude of this project was much bigger than we previously visualized. We quickly got to work brainstorming original ideas and imagining the concerns of web case initiators. While doing so, it became even more apparent how important the use of the web was to the referring providers in terms of office management and time-savings for their practices.

So how do we get this information to providers? It was a unique challenge and the direction we took was reinvented many times. Originally we called offices, asking if they were interested in webinar training, but with eviCore’s recent growth, this original plan quickly became an impossible feat. We reevaluated our methods, and decided to reach out to the top case initiators through phone calls and an email campaign. We then took it a step further and registered their offices for them while offering education and training. We asked the offices why they weren’t using the web, and what suggestions they had to make it more user friendly.

Based on the feedback we received, we are now promoting new and exciting web features including: CPT Code Downgrades, Case Duplication, Medical Documentation Upload, and a Pause/Save feature that allows the case initiator to leave a case during the clinical collection phase and return within 2 business days to complete. We are busy recording tutorials, creating marketing documents and developing reports that will allow us to pull the newest registrations, identify offices experiencing delays, and offer web education and support.

As we embark on this new outreach to thousands of offices, we want to share our journey with everyone that reads our blog. Of course we’re always open to new feedback and suggestions from you that will help your staff use the web allowing them more time to work on other office responsibilities that need their time and attention.

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