CareCore National: Caring for the Community

During my first month at CareCore National, I have recognized that corporate social responsibility is alive and well here.  As of March, CareCore National employees were granted two additional days of paid time off (PTO) to volunteer in the community. These two days, called “Volunteer PTO” allows employees to share their talents with the communities in which they live.  By granting these paid days off, our staff members can support a charity of their choosing with their time. Recently, we held “Volunteer Day” at CareCore National’s corporate office. At Volunteer Day, local non-profit agencies were invited to a volunteer fair where they could showcase their organization and recruit volunteers. Some of the organizations represented were local non-profits, healthcare facilities, and schools where our employees and executives currently volunteer. Potential volunteers visiting the fair learned what activities they might be asked to do and how they would actually spend their day volunteering for one of these organizations.

The Volunteer PTO program is our way of demonstrating that the word “Care” in the company name has real action behind the term. This program will help us maintain our mission to demonstrate that CareCore National is invested in the communities it touches.

9 thoughts on “CareCore National: Caring for the Community

  1. I think it is a great idea that CareCore is giving back to the community in which it is located. So often companies fail to give back to the community around them. Well done, I hope it sets an exmaple for other local companies to follow- I am quite certain that those entities involved appreciate your efforts- and that the employees set an example to be followed by other local business people in the area. Only good can come from volunteering!

  2. I was able to do some volunteer work with Friends of Caroline Hospice, and found it to be a good experience. Meeting fellow citizens who also share a volunteering spirit in our community is always rewarding to yourself and to those in need who benefit from these charities. Kudos to Carecare for setting up this volunteer program!

  3. I’m a CareCore employee and I was thrilled to learn about CareCore’s Volunteer PTO. During “Volunteer Day” I was able to speak to several organizations featuring volunteer opportunities in the area.
    I’ve signed up to volunteer for United Way’s Early Grade Reading Initiative and I can’t wait to start. I’m grateful to work at an organization that values giving back to the community.

  4. As the Development Director for The Beaufort/ Jasper chapter of the American Heart Assocation, I would like to thank the employees of Care Core for rasing money and serving on the leadership committee for the 2012 Low Country Heart walk. Also in 2012, Care Core got awarded as a fit friendly company and the lifestyle change award. Care Core is committed to help making Bluffton a heart healthy community!

  5. I am thankful to CareCore for allocating 16 hours for employee participation. I am presently working with Second Helpings of Beaufort County. Our team picks up a variety of food items from Publix and Food Lion and delivers it to a mission in Hardeeville. I welcome everyone to participate in this beautiful program.

  6. I am excited to be a part of this program, as well. I look forward to using the 16 hours CareCore has provided to establish a long term charitable relationship with America’s Second Harvest in Savannah.

  7. FRIENDS of Caroline Hospice is so excited to be part of this new program!

    We had our first volunteer, James Warren, work at our Red Door Thrift Shop in June. We are also looking forward to having some CareCore employees assist with our upcoming Christmas in July event as well.

    Volunteers are critical to assist FRIENDS with our mission and it is so wonderful to be able to partner with a company that has such a community focus.

    Thank you CareCore for your help in caring for our community!

    Janie Lackman
    Development Director
    FRIENDS of Caroline Hospice

  8. I look forward to participating. I have selected PEP (Programs for Exceptional People) as my charity. They run a terrific program to empower special needs adults in our area. Well done CareCore!

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