Why Customer Service Matters

We know it when we see it or hear it.  We know how we feel when we don’t.

What is it?

Great customer service.  In this day and age of automated phone systems and online web pages great customer service has become a rare commodity. More often than not we leave an experience disappointed, frequently frustrated, and may even be angry at how we’ve been treated.  It used to be that great customer service was the norm. As I write this article, it is even difficult for me to remember a time in which I personally received exceptional service.

Some companies, like Apple, have incredible in-store customer service but it’s nearly impossible to speak to a live human by phone.  Many of the largest companies in the United States have outsourced their customer service overseas.  Why?  Because great customer service is expensive; recruiting, initial training, courseware development, ongoing training, auditing, performance management all go into creating a culture of customer service.

Providing service to another meets an important human need – the need to feel appreciated, valued and respected.  Mother Theresa once said, “There is more hunger for love and appreciation in this world than for bread.”  If this is so, then humanity greatly underestimates the power of a listening ear or a kind word. At CareCore National, customer service is a focus for our 1,400 employees.  While we are not perfect, we do work hard to try to provide the level of service our callers require to make each interaction efficient and effective.  Our agents understand this, and take the time to politely and professionally listen to each caller and help find a solution. We make every effort to do this over 20,000 times every day, every time we answer the phone or make a call. One of our customers recently mentioned: “I want to thank (your) representative, as well as so many others, that help us give the best care possible to our patients.”

Each CareCore National department impacts the delivery of our service; we passionately believe in tailoring our programs to the exact specifications of our customers. Our Account Managers ensure our relationships are positive and immediately address questions that arise. Whether working on large scale, long term projects or brief daily projects, we respond with new and innovative solutions to address the presented challenges.

It is imperative that we provide our customers and their customers with unparalleled service. Because when we do, they are successful, and, ultimately, their patients receive the care they need when they need it. I am proud that we instill the importance of customer service in each of our employees

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